Friday, June 20, 2008

Which picture do you prefer?

I can't decide which little feet picture I like the best, so I thought I would ask! Use the survey to the right to pick your favorite. (enlarging them may help!)


BETHANY said...

I thought I liked #2 best, but when I enlarged them I liked #1best. Both pics say "having fun getting dirty" to me. So, I love how visible the dirt between the toes is on #2. However, #1 shows dirty legs AND denim AND more dirt/sand. And there's STILL dirt between the toes. :) I guess #1 has more "mood" to it. But they're both super cute!

Randi's photography blog said...

You are so funny!!

Robinson4 said...

I LOVE the second one where you can see legs! So cute! Hurry up and get my pictures on here! :)