Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Important Information

I just thought I would go over this now, since I have so quickly booked up. First of all, it is true I am booked until 2009, but feel free to email me and get on a waiting list for this year because cancellations do happen. I can't promise anything but it is worth a try. Secondly, I am taking the month of December off, which is another reason I am booked until the new year. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and that I have been neglecting my kiddos a bit, so I need to take a month off to enjoy family around the Christmas season, and get re-energized for next year! Now, as for next year; I have new prices for my sessions due to work load and experience. So, it will now be $100 per session. This includes the 1-2 hour on location session and 40 pictures, in each color and black & white, on a CD. I will also have different prices on events, weddings, etc, but I will address those as they come up as it often depends on how many pictures you want back, and how many hours you want me there.
Thanks so much for your business thus far and the encouragement you have given! The Lord has truly blessed me and this business far beyond my expectations!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Edmiston Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Edmiston family yesterday. We met up in West Linn and I let the girls take it from there. They were really cooperative and not to mention ADORABLE! I loved the natural beauty and spunk of these two girls. They actually had me laughing with them!

I love the progression of these next pictures... She was such a ham, I loved it!!

Thanks for this fun opportunity you guys, it was truly a pleasure!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Korean birthday ceremony

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful little girl's first birthday ceremony. I found out that in Korean culture, the first birthday is a very big deal, coming second to weddings. And this party was fabulous; not a cut corner to be found. Everything from the fancy food, to the little girl's authentic outfit was just beautiful!

She was such a happy girl! I don't think she cried once the whole 3 hours I was there...and she is 1!
Getting dressed in her beautiful Korean dress, and nope, not a complaint!
Grandma putting on her special bracelet.
This was during the actual ceremony. The tradition is, as far as I understand it, they put a few different objects in front of the child, each representing different things in life, and whichever the child goes for, they are going to have that/be that in their life. This little girl reached for the pen, which I think represents being studious, then she went for the cash, so she is going to be a rich genius!

Sharing a special moment with her grandma...

Thanks for letting me a part of this special day you guys-I truly enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Will you marry me?

This has got to be the proposal of the year! I was so excited to be a part of this special surprise. Race wanted to think of the perfect way to propose to his girl, and with a little help, some planning and sneaking, he managed to do just that! We started out with a "photo shoot" pretending that I needed some couples portraits for my portfolio, and Cailie was quite a trooper with all the pictures I made them really pose for. Then I let them "improvise" and that's when Race got down on one knee and proposed to Cailie. And she said YES!

...And they both lived happily ever after!