Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Korean birthday ceremony

I had the honor of photographing this beautiful little girl's first birthday ceremony. I found out that in Korean culture, the first birthday is a very big deal, coming second to weddings. And this party was fabulous; not a cut corner to be found. Everything from the fancy food, to the little girl's authentic outfit was just beautiful!

She was such a happy girl! I don't think she cried once the whole 3 hours I was there...and she is 1!
Getting dressed in her beautiful Korean dress, and nope, not a complaint!
Grandma putting on her special bracelet.
This was during the actual ceremony. The tradition is, as far as I understand it, they put a few different objects in front of the child, each representing different things in life, and whichever the child goes for, they are going to have that/be that in their life. This little girl reached for the pen, which I think represents being studious, then she went for the cash, so she is going to be a rich genius!

Sharing a special moment with her grandma...

Thanks for letting me a part of this special day you guys-I truly enjoyed it!


Strauss House said...

They are going to LOVE these! You did a great job.

Jessica said...

LOVE the second picture! BEAUTIFUL!!!!