Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Timm & Elise's wedding

This wedding was so fun to shoot. Well, once again, I was just taking pictures for fun, not paid, but still had a blast! Timm (the groom) is Donny's brother so we knew most everyone and I got to be up in everybody's business taking pictures! And I know, it's a lot of the flower girls, but they were just too adorable I couldn't resist! I had so much fun helping documenting their special day. The Lord was definitely honored!


Strauss House said...

Beautiful photos! I love the 3rd one of the little flower girl. You are really finding your own style - great work.

Strauss House said...

oh p.s. is that Donny's bro with him? If it is they look so different!

Randi's photography blog said...

They are love brothers:) not blood