Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hendryx Family

This is the beautiful Hendryx family.  We have been rescheduling these pictures since February, so it was great to finally see them through.  I have known Sheila for quite a few years; our families have been friends since we were kids, which made it extra fun to take her family pictures!!
This is their gorgeous little girl.

She kept crossing her arms like this, it was so cute!!

Love that sweet face... This is Jeven's favorite! =)


BETHANY said...

What a doll! The arm crossing is definitely cute and the dimple ... oh my! She's a keeper. :)

AshlandFive said...

Again! Awesome job, my friend. Absolutely lovely and perfect.

Bill and Ski said...

Nicely done pal!
It's fun to see pictures of folks I actually know.