Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Jovie bug at 9 months

This is my sweetest of the sweet Jovie Love. I am a little late in posting these, as she will be ONE YEAR OLD in a few weeks! But I thought, better late than never. I have never done a whole shoot in black/white before, but for some reason, I just loved every one of these pictures in black/white. Though her big blue eyes are to die for. :)  photo jovie_01bw_zps764ca133.jpg  photo jovie_02bw_zpse25c9bc5.jpg  photo jovie_03bw_zpsc00d9818.jpg  photo jovie_04bw_zps4ef19b7a.jpg  photo jovie_06bw_zpsf1998320.jpg  photo jovie_07bw_zpsa27ff8f6.jpg  photo jovie_08bw_zpsc5b4bf7e.jpg  photo jovie_09bw_zps66372a95.jpg  photo jovie_10bw_zpsf48f228c.jpg  photo jovie_11bw_zps28021741.jpg  photo jovie_12bw_zps5bac8135.jpg  photo jovie_05bw_zps75348592.jpg

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BETHANY said...

The black and white is perfect! She is a doll. :)