Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chhokar Family

Another beautiful family I had the pleasure of photographing! These guys are as sweet as they come, and I love their family dynamic. And a certain two year old had just enough spunk to keep things interesting and keep me on my toes... ;)
 photo chhokar_01_zps1478586c.jpg  photo chhokar_02_zpsb84a0882.jpg  photo chhokar_03_zpsd51c3e6c.jpg  photo chhokar_04_zpsff765874.jpg  photo chhokar_05_zps857526d7.jpg  photo chhokar_06_zpsfc481f4f.jpg  photo chhokar_07bw_zpsdb8e3248.jpg  photo chhokar_08bw_zpseebd0593.jpg  photo chhokar_09bw_zps7f3750bc.jpg  photo chhokar_10_zps8b424a0d.jpg  photo chhokar_11_zps82a6f55b.jpg  photo chhokar_12_zpsabeefb4c.jpg  photo chhokar_13_zps3a5faca2.jpg  photo chhokar_14_zps2b719985.jpg

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