Friday, June 28, 2013

The Rydman Family

These guys were absolutely AMAZING to photograph!! My good friend Cindy, of Ford Photography, and I, flew up to Portland last weekend for a couple photo sessions, and what a way to kick off the day with this delightful family. They were super fun and spirited, and of course, stylish! Rachel was actually a student of my mom's several years ago! I usually try to stick with 8 or so photos for my blog, but once I dug into this session, I couldn't help but post TONS! Enjoy the photo overload!! Please do excuse the sizing issue... I blog so infrequently these days and every site I use keeps changing... Anyway, just enjoy these beautiful faces!!  photo rydman_01_zps3a9839f7.jpg  photo rydman_02_zps30b7ee5f.jpg  photo rydman_03_zps3f81220d.jpg  photo rydman_04_zpsaa3347e1.jpg  photo rydman_05_zpsb22f7252.jpg  photo rydman_06_zps799e4ce9.jpg  photo rydman_07_zps147360c0.jpg  photo rydman_08_zps99038bd6.jpg  photo rydman_09_zps54f7e382.jpg  photo rydman_10_zpsc7467d79.jpg  photo rydman_11_zpsc6b99004.jpg  photo rydman_12bw_zps0c404c85.jpg  photo rydman_13bw_zps4f74ecfa.jpg  photo rydman_14_zps97171897.jpg  photo rydman_15_zps4817378e.jpg  photo rydman_16_zpsbac143aa.jpg  photo rydman_17_zps7584037c.jpg  photo rydman_18_zpsbe4f69a7.jpg  photo rydman_19_zps9a864c18.jpg  photo rydman_20_zps3532a2ac.jpg  photo rydman_21_zpse54e81cf.jpg

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