Friday, August 8, 2008

The Bundy boys

They were so sweet with each other!
I do love those barrels!!

L. checking himself out in the crazy mirror at Oaks Park!

Wow, where to start?! This was one crazy day, for all of us. It consisted of a lot of driving, a lot of traffic, a lot of dead phones and not a lot of light when I really needed it! But, the boys were both troopers and were quick to obey; what a blessing! We started out at Sellwood Riverfront Park, then headed over to Oaks Park. Unfortunately, by the time we actually got into the park, it was late and we were all tuckered out! It's a good thing I took over 350 pictures before we got there. :) Thanks guys-I'm glad this finally worked out!

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Strauss House said...

Very cute and original!