Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Hammack cuties!

These kids were so much fun! We met up bright and early in Sherwood and they were so good. The little girl was such a ham, having me take pictures of her in every pose, and the little guy was so good and obedient, and never fussed once! They also did something that I like to call the "cheese hum." So, I never asked them to say cheese or anything, but everytime they thought they were going to be photographed they would just hum "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese" in this low pitched hum. It was cracing me up! :) They were such a blast, and super adorable to boot!


Strauss House said...

You've been busy! Good job as always.

Michele said...

Is her name Mya? I think I was her teacher at Mentor graphics. What great pictures!! They are both very cute!!