Saturday, October 4, 2008

Introducing: Miss Lucy Joy Hardey

I'd like you all to meet my beautiful new niece Lucy! She is the most perfect baby ever! Seriously, she only wakes up once at night, only cries if she is hungry or has a burp, and the rest of the time lies around perfectly peaceful. And when she does cry, it is not an obnoxious baby cry, we call it a "bleet" because she sounds like a baby sheep!

And of course, I had to throw in some of big brother Emmett! He doesn't love getting his picture taken, but he really is a happy little guy too!


BETHANY said...

She's a doll! Congrats to Travis and Kaci. :)

AshlandFive said...

Hey Girl! So happy for you being Auntie #2! Their boy looks a little like I wrong? Such a cute small little wonder, what beautiful pictures always.

The life of Julie said...

OMG Rand those are beautiful pictures! I can't wait to meet her.