Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Smith girls

Busy, busy, busy! It just so happened that all of my October shoots fell within 10 days. I am a little blind now, with how much I have been sitting in front of this computer. But, this was my last until November, and what a great one to end on. These girls were SO easy! Not only were they beautiful, but completely understood what I wanted them to do, and added their own uniqueness to every shot. I also loved the new location my husband found for me on his way home from work! It had everything I love using; a barn, a variety of fences, a field, bright autumn trees, and even some train tracks. The only things missing were some barrels! :) I really liked the colors they chose. They went perfectly with this spot and season.

I am absolutely LOVING my new chair!

The trees were so perfect! I knew we had to use this spot quick before the leaves all fell.

And we just had to get some with their cute little pup "Max."

Thanks again girls. You were beautiful, inside and out!

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Sheila said...


I can't wait to book a session with you for our Kylie! I wish you weren't booked until the new year, but we will definitely want to book a spot for January or February, your photos are wonderful! I am totally impressed!

Sheila (Bissell) Hendryx